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Here I’m sharing just a few select assignments to give you an idea of the possibilities.

My copywriting is naturally strongest when I share the same passions as you do. For charitable nonprofits, this means writing for a cause I either do or could support. For professional associations it means I’m intrigued by and interested in the market or industry you serve.

My interests and experience extend beyond what’s on display here. You’ll find more detail on the Services page.

Please scroll down for the samples on this page, which are organized into the following categories:

Acquisition Letters
  National Audubon Society – Letter was a test for new copy, and trying to get away from a premium offer. The letter out-performed the control by a small margin.
  Harvard Medical – Includes special offer for a minimum donation.
  Guideposts Foundation – Summer acquisition/prospecting letter. Opens with an emotional story. Also uses powerful story testimonials to show impact of the Foundation’s programs.
  St. Aloysius Church – A postcard inviting new members of the community to come and visit the parish.
Lapsed Donor Letters
  Nittany Valley Symphony – Letter to donors without activity for over 2 years. Received an 8% response rate.
  Public Broadcasting Station – My task was to write a Valentine's Day poem to lapsed donors. This is an example of why I request the opportunity to review the package before printing to see if all the elements work. Unfortunately, in this case the graphic design took precedence over the copy. The poem syntax was incorrectly altered which impacts the overall flow and delivery of the message. This then impacts response. You see this in the first and third stanzas. The copy is what sells and must have priority over graphics.
Renewal Letters
  Maryknoll Sisters of St. Dominic, Inc. – Appeal letter for their “fall” mailing. Increased the average gift size over 33% and boosted response nearly 1%.
  Catholic Relief Services – All Souls’ Day appeal with removable Mass card in the upper right corner (interactive device).
  Health Care for the Homeless, Inc. – A standard appeal letter.  The urgency to respond was tied to the fact that winter cold always increases the demand for their services.
  St. Elizabeth Community – Special letter to expand an exercise program in all four of their elder care facilities.
  Web Press Release – Written for a professional association that is also a nonprofit organization. It is keyword-optimized and was picked up by over half a dozen publications, including leading trade publications that align with the target audience of the association. Moved the organization to page one (1) of Google SERPs for targeted keywords within 24 hours.
Web Video Services  
Note: In addition to providing copy, we also convert client–supplied digital video clips, photographs and images into web videos. Enhancements such as music, audio commentary, text captioning, and calls to action may be added as desired. Client receives all files necessary to display and play videos on client's own web site or on video-sharing sites such as YouTube. In certain cases, web video hosting and direct uploading services available. See samples below.
Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund (VVMF) - Used client-supplied digital photos to create the video for National Anthem Day. This was a fundraising email and the video was also promoted in social media (i.e., Twitter and Facebook plus their YouTube channel). It was a big hit with their fans and subscribers, and also a success in fundraising. We added all the graphics, formatted it, etc. and found the music online - it's the U.S. Army Band and Chorus.
  Maryland Light Opera – Used client–supplied digital video clips to create "excerpts" video for organization’s website and YouTube.
  Photo Slide Show – A generic demonstration: digital photos presented in "screen capture" style video. Text and royalty-free music were added to enhance the message.

I look forward to helping you prosper.

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Copywriting for Nonprofits

Copywriting for Nonprofits

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