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As a copywriter for nonprofits, I always strive to exceed my clients’ expectations, and also serve those who haven’t yet retained my services. Both objectives link to the primary goal of the resources section.

My goal is for you to find at least two useful pieces of information to boost your nonprofit fundraising results or to help grow your association membership. Either directly from something I’ve written, attending an event you learned about here, or perhaps indirectly through a vendor resource.

Regardless of where you find the nuggets, if there’s something else you’d also like me to include here, please let me know.

Products and ZAPP Guides Here you'll find special reports, mp3 recordings, in-depth guides and more. My objective is to focus every product on a narrow topic; and then go deep on that topic . . . cover it in detail. Yes; I believe you'll definitely find them to be valuable resources because each is written to help you hone your fundraising, membership, or marketing skills a bit sharper. And I'm continually expanding these resources so I recommend you check back from time to time.
Articles Here you’ll find articles I’ve written myself, plus articles from other nonprofit industry experts.
Archive Issues of the "ZAPP Nonprofit Leader" newsletter Extra! Extra! Read archive issues packed full of "how-to" techniques, ideas and resources to make your job as a fundraising or association professional a whole lot easier.
 I cover a myriad of topics. Here are just a few: how to write a great story; publicity for nonprofits; donor psychographics; critiques of nonprofit websites; donor retention; direct mail tips; donor centered copywriting; tips to write a nonprofit newsletter; correct grammar can kill your fundraising; questions to ask for a compelling story; and on and on it goes.

[NOTE: I re-named my newsletter in May 2009 to the "Zapp Nonprofit Leader." It was formerly known as "Karen's Fundraising Tips."]
Events of Interest These key nonprofit industry events will help keep your fundraising or association membership skills razor sharp. They’re pulled from various leading organizations within the profession.
Vendors, Trade & Educational Orgs I come across a number of resources during my work and have included several here.  In nearly every case I’ve met some of the people working for the vendor. Based on this and a bit of research, I’m comfortable listing them as a resource for you to consider as an aid to your fundraising efforts. Oh, and I haven't forgotten the professional membership associations. There are resources for you too.

Let’s chat about your needs: contact me today.
I look forward to helping you prosper.

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Copywriting for Nonprofits

Copywriting for Nonprofits

Do you struggle to write copy that helps your nonprofit do a better job of fundraising and cultivation – both online and in print? Then I encourage you to invest in this self-study program published by AWAI.