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Extra! Extra! Keep your nonprofit out in front leading the way with the tons of "how to" insights and ideas in these past issues of my newsletter, the ZAPP Nonprofit Leader (formerly known as "Karen's Fundraising Tips"). I'll share ways you can strengthen your online or print copy along with marketing strategies and ideas so more people find out about your marvelous mission. You'll also read about industry trends and major events. My newsletter is written to make your job as a fundraising or association professional a bit easier.

And if you’re not already a subscriber, I invite you to join me on the second Tuesday of each month. Just click here to subscribe to the "ZAPP Nonprofit Leader" newsletter. Or you can click on the link in the yellow box located in the upper right corner of nearly all the web pages. Thank you.

Oh! I almost forgot. If there’s a topic or challenge you’re facing and you’d like me to address it in a future issue, please drop me a note, resources@pkscribe.com and I’ll take it from there.

December 2007 – There's a troublesome parallel between the holiday frenzy and your year-round fundraising efforts. And here are some suggestions on how to safeguard against it.

November 2007 – I share a slew of fundraising and direct mail nuggets from a recent conference I attended. It was for professional associations; however, the tips will help any nonprofit. And in the HOT TIPS you'll read about a fatal assumption for any nonprofit.

October 2007Thank you letters are a critical donor cultivation tool and the main topic of this issue. Online video is another cultivation strategy that is touched upon. And there's a nifty idea for spreading awareness of your nonprofit for FREE in the Hot Tips section.

September 2007 – The basic ingredients for writing online newsletters for your nonprofit are outlined. This includes two questions you must answer before writing a single word.

August 2007 – Here's a specific tool for finding out how to convey the heart and soul of your mission to donors in your fundraising copy; plus a live example of fundraising copy.

July 2007 – How to trigger stronger donor response through compelling stories; how to write those stories; plus a couple of "different" fundraising ideas.

June 2007 – How to avoid sounding like a Star Trek android in your fundraising letters; plus a hot tip on how your board of directors can raise money without asking for a dime.

May 2007 – An exciting new opportunity to promote your nonprofit organization; plus a hot tip on something to help delay the increases to the U.S. Postal rates for nonprofits.

April 2007 – Part 2 of "sell with your nonprofit website" includes examples of how NOT to do it; and ideas on driving traffic to your website.

March 2007 – Fundamentals of good nonprofit web copy are covered in "Part 1" of this article, including an example from an actual website. Plus some spring holiday fundraising ideas tied to Mom and Dad.

February 2007 – Part 2 of free publicity (continued from January 2007) with four more ideas to spread the good news about your nonprofit.

January 2007 – Three great ways to generate lots of FREE publicity for your nonprofit organization. And I also give you a “hot tip” resource to help your public relations efforts.

December 2006 – How a start-up nonprofit gets funding. This article is in reply to another of my newsletter subscribers. Plus I have a long list of resources for nonprofit organizations.

November 2006 – You’ve only got a few seconds before donors decide to either read your fundraising letter or toss it in the trash. Here’s a time-tested way to grab their attention immediately. In addition, I answer one of my newsletter subscriber’s questions by sharing ideas on how to increase their donor list size and response.

October 2006 – “Specifics” sell. “Specifics” can boost donor results 10% or more.

September 2006 – More golden nuggets (Part 2; continued from August 2006). This issue covers donor loyalty and how to build donor retention.

August 2006 – Here I share golden nuggets of wisdom I gleaned from a conference I attended. I highlight “lists” and “data-driven creative.” I also touch on faith-based ethics from a donor’s perspective.

July 2006 – Psychographics (whew, that’s quite a word, isn’t it?) is the elusive path to deep knowledge of your donor. Knowledge that inspires larger donations.

June 2006 – Three key elements to choosing the right premium are outlined along with ideas on how to be “creative” with your premiums.

May 2006 – Part 2 of conducting a masterful interview. (Continued from April 2006)

April 2006 – One of the secrets to writing a truly compelling story, a story that bolsters your fundraising efforts, is to conduct a masterful interview. Here are tips on how to get to the emotional heart of a story during an interview. (Part 1)


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Copywriting for Nonprofits

Copywriting for Nonprofits

Do you struggle to write copy that helps your nonprofit do a better job of fundraising and cultivation – both online and in print? Then I encourage you to invest in this self-study program published by AWAI.


Did you know? - In my newsletter I sometimes use a direct mail piece I've received in my own personal mail as an example of what is done well, or might be done a different way. I also pass on results of industry surveys and research so you know what's working today. Lots of copywriting and marketing insights available for free when you subscribe. Plus you can send me a question and I'll answer it.

TIP - Make it a point to find out which of your donors do not have children. These are the people most likely to make a bequest to a charitable organization. A study released in March 2009 revealed that only 9.8 percent of those with grandchildren chose to make a charitable bequest, while 50 percent of those without children make a charitable bequest.