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December, 2007

Welcome to "Karen's Fundraising Tips." The December 2007 issue reveals what you can learn from the holiday frenzy to help your year-round fundraising. And of course I've always got some goodies in the hot tips section.

     Everything this humble fundraising copywriter shares is for the purpose of making your work as a fundraising professional a bit easier. And each issue can be read in 3 to 5 minutes.

How Holiday Frenzy Relates to Fundraising Year-Round [384 words]

Here in the U.S. at least, from about mid-November until the 1st of January life can be a bit hectic. Lots of holidays and special events compete for your time and energy.

It's all too easy to get caught up in the frenzy. And when you do, you can also lose sight of the true purpose for each of these very special and extremely important holidays.

A similar situation could strike your fundraising efforts anytime of the year. You get caught up in the everyday hustle and bustle of operating your nonprofit. You know what I mean . . . the meetings, budgets, staffing issues, planning and strategizing, and on and on and ON.

Yup. You get so caught up that you just might lose sight of your donors. The folks who literally help keep your doors open. You might assume you know what they want. Or you might assume they all understand exactly what you want them to understand. Or you might assume that "Of course they'll give. It's so obvious how important our cause is that why wouldn't they give?"

Unfortunately the world of fundraising isn't that ideal.

That means ALL your web copy, newsletters, appeal letters, special events, and thank-you letters must be donor-centered. I urge you to keep a picture of your ideal donor in your mind every time you write fundraising copy. Or just about any copy for that matter.

Also, whenever you write . . . know what the purpose of the communication. And get as specific as you can. It's all part of being donor-centered. For example:

  • Are you soliciting new donors or members?
  • Exactly what do you want them to do: Give money and/or take a specific action?
  • And why do you want them to do it?

Another tip: Have you ever made a list of a dozen or even two-dozen reasons WHY someone would donate, join, or support your organization? It could help you write your next letter from the donor's point of view.

And when you write and operate from your donor's point of view, your fundraising results will improve. More readers will take the action you desire them to take. Why? Because it naturally comes through from a deep level that you DO understand and care about your donors. You're one of them.

**   **   **   **   **   **   **   **

Just for fun - a quote for you

"I don't know what your destiny will be, but one thing I do know: The only ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve." (Albert Schweitzer)

**   **   **   **   **   **   **   **

Have a Burning Question?

How else can I make your job easier? The purpose of my newsletter is to give you a fundraising professional tools, ideas, and resources to make your fundraising efforts easier. And directly answering the challenges you face is an ideal way to make this newsletter relevant for you.

Please send your questions TODAY. They'll be addressed in a future issue and I'll follow-up with you to ensure I've answered to your satisfaction. Send them right now to this address before anything distracts you.


**   **   **   **   **   **   **   **

Hot Tips of the Month [131 words]

  1. December 18, 2007, Tuesday, a webinar at 2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time - Fearless Fundraising by Fundraising Success Magazine. During this one-hour webinar, 3 fundraising pros talk about the importance of trying something new. They'll talk about breaking out of the boundaries of the traditional, tried-and-true strategies. Registration is reduced to $45 and if you can't make it on the 18th of December, you can view the archived recording for 90 days.
  2. January 24-25, 2008 in Washington DC - DMA Nonprofit Federation 2008 Annual Washington Nonprofit Conference. The theme is "Stand & Deliver: Fundraising in a Changing World." With the workshops, round table discussions, network reception, and the regular conference sessions it promises to be another excellent conference that will make your job easier. Save $100 when you register BEFORE Dec. 14, 2007.


**   **   **   **   **   **   **   **

A Personal Holiday Greeting from Me to You

We're in the heart of a very special time of year. And there are some big holidays before the January issue of my newsletter. So to my diverse group of wonderful readers, for now I say . . . "Have a Merry and Blessed Christmas." To those in the U.K. and Canada - "Joyous Boxing Day!" And to everyone a "Very Happy and Prosperous New Year!"


Feel free to forward my newsletter to a colleague. Plus, here's how they can sign-up to receive it directly:

     1. Just click on this link, In the email message to me, please include the first name and email address of your colleague. I'll take care of signing them up.

Or ...

     2. You can sign them up directly on my website by following this link:

"Karen's Fundraising Tips"

Thanks for joining me and until next time . . . ask yourself WHY someone would donate, join, or support your organization. I believe the answers will help you write your next letter from the donor's point of view. And that means more dynamic writing that will inspire readers to take the action you desire.

All the best,

Karen Zapp, Fundraising & Sales Copywriter
Perceptive Karen

P.S.  Have a project coming up soon? Id love to explore the possibilities with you. Call or send me an email today. I look forward to helping your mission prosper!


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