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Tell Your Story with Captivating Web Video

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Online video is a unique way to tell your story. It's a great way to inspire donors and prospects to action. How does it do all this?

Video engages people. It naturally draws them in. And when you combine online video with strong copy you've hit a home run!

And now it's easier than ever for you to tell the marvelous story of your nonprofit. Whether you simply send us a few digital photos . . . or you send a video clip or two . . . that's all you need to do and we take it from there.

You concentrate on your mission and
we'll bring your video into focus

Your digital photos or video clips are then arranged to tell the story, and may combined with music, copy, audio narration, or whatever the project requires. You receive back all the files you need to upload to your website (if you're hosting it yourself), or onto video sharing sites like YouTube, or however you choose to use it.

The point is . . .

  • all you do is snap the pictures or shoot the original video
  • you tell us how you plan to use the video (special appeal for donations, encourage newsletter signups, etc.) and where you plan to display it (web site, blog, YouTube, etc.)
  • you don't have to invest in expensive editing software
  • you don't have to find and purchase royalty-free music to integrate into your video (music is optional but it's a very nice touch - and all our music is royalty-free, which means there are no copyright hassles)
  • you don't have to spend your valuable, limited time arranging, editing, processing, and finalizing - you receive everything you need for immediate uploading and display

You don't have to do any of the time consuming technical stuff because we do all that for you. We do the editing, we add the music (if you want it), and we "prepare" the video so it's ready to go.

Are you with me? Here, let me show you a few samples of the unlimited possibilities for your web video:

Sample - Video from Digital Photos


This is a video using 10 digital photos. All the captions and music were added and blended together for a refined video.

See how the finished product tells the story.

Now for a second sample . . .

Let's say you do want to host your video on YouTube (or any video sharing website). You're showing it there because you want more exposure - you want to generate more awareness of your nonprofit organization - or you want to promote something very specific.

demo watermark

So far so good. What's also important is that you don't lose your identity once a video is hosted somewhere other than your website. It is important for viewers to still know it's your video. We can "brand" your video so your identity is never lost.

The image on the left is an example of what we call a "branding image." It simply means the name or web site of your nonprofit is constantly displayed like a watermark so regardless of where the video ends up, viewers will know it comes from you.

Sample - from Digital Video Clips


But that's not all. What about full motion web video?

Here is a sample of a full motion video touting the professional talents of a nonprofit theatrical organization. We used several short video clips provided by the client!

As you can tell, these are essentially "home movies", shot with a simple video camera by an audience member (it doesn't have to be a "professional" recording to be effective!).

We make web video easy for you. Find out just how easy . . .

Contact me here or call!


Interested in more fundraising and marketing insights?


Call anytime and we’ll chat about your needs: 800-794-1609
I look forward to helping you prosper.

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