Online Video Helps Nonprofits, Including the Small Charities

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Here’s an example of a small nonprofit taking advantage of the visibility from YouTube:  St. Maries Musica.  They’re a choral group located in southern Maryland.

I know some of the people in this group so I have the advantage of “insider” information.  They are all volunteers with no paid staff positions.  But their webmaster is dedicated and continues to learn and seek ways to help them online.  He created a YouTube nonprofit channel and has uploaded videos from their two concert seasons.

The videos are taken by another volunteer on a non-professional yet high quality video recorder.  This is an example of how video done by anyone can almost always benefit nonprofits.  Where you may need to hire some expertise is in editing the video and adding some features to make it more effective.  These edits can add a professional touch to boost your fundraising without busting your budget.

For example: In the St. Maries Musica YouTube videos they have added graphics and copy to the beginning and end.  Plus they have their URL embedded in the video.  This is great! Now no matter who may download or link to these videos, the connection to St. Maries Musica will never be lost.

What they might consider are stronger calls to action embedded within the videos. Perhaps inviting people to check their performance schedule on the website; link to their donate web page; or suggest buying a CD as a gift for someone special and a link to that web page.

Nonetheless I applaud their efforts to utilize social media (including Facebook).  You never know when their videos and content will catch the attention of a generous donor.  One measurable benefit thus far is that they have noticed some spikes in their website traffic from the videos.

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