3 Video Tips to Improve Acquisition and Fundraising

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Seeing is believing.  Video offers visual proof.  Done correctly, it clarifies what you do and how donors can make a difference.  This is why video boosts acquisition and fundraising efforts.

That’s not all. Watching a video on your website or in an email engages donors and prospects.  They must take an action to view it – click to play.  And anytime you get readers to take an action it’s a significant accomplishment.

Let’s focus on the home page of your nonprofit website.  Follow these three tips to improve your acquisition and fundraising results through video:

1 – Place the video above the fold and somewhere between 300 and 500 pixels (that’s a measure of how far in from the left of your web page it is located).  Make it prominent because it answers a fundamental question all prospects want to know: “How will you use my money to help people?”

2 – Keep it short, ideally 2 minutes or less.  Tell visitors how long it is.  Don’t make them click to find out.

3 – The message must be donor-centered.  It must demonstrate how a donor’s money will make a difference in someone’s life.  You only need to focus on one example.  DO NOT try to explain every program and everything you do in this video.

Bonus tips: Have a succinct and inviting caption below the video.  Entice people to watch it.  Oh, and upload a fresh video periodically.  Depending on your resources it might be weekly, monthly or quarterly.  And finally, don’t forget to have a call to action of some kind. 

And your home page isn’t the only place to use video.  Plus, depending on the location and topic of your videos, they can be longer than 2 minutes but don’t get carried away.  There. You now have at least six seven tips for the price of three.

And remember, this doesn’t have to be an elaborate studio production!  Follow the link within this sentence to see a great example of how a very small all-volunteer nonprofit uses video.

Prospects and donors want to know how they can make a difference through their donation.  Video engages them and demonstrates what they can help achieve in a very dynamic way.  It can help your acquisition and fundraising campaigns be more successful.

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