For more than a year I’ve been saying that mobile is perfect for nonprofits.  I was feeling a bit like the lone voice in the wind until recently.

Oh, there was the well-deserved flurry of attention back in January and February for the Haiti earthquake relief via mobile giving.  And there have been mentions about mobile tools here and there in the news and in blogs for the nonprofit sector.  But outside of that the coverage has been comparatively “quiet.”

November, however, has seen a fair amount of attention on the subjectThe Agitator blog has 3 posts on mobile so far this month; latest one being, More On Mobile for Nonprofits

And there’s an article in the November issue of Mal Warwick Newsletter by Nick Allen of DonorDigital, Can your organization take advantage of mobile “impulse philanthropy?”

Finally, perhaps this statement from Boston Interactive will illustrate why this attention on mobile is none too soon and well deserved: “By 2014, it’s estimated that more than half of web browsing will be done from mobile devices, and the organizations that create effective mobile communications strategies will reap big rewards.”  That’s only a few years from now and it will be upon you fast.

Even though mobile for nonprofits is getting more attention . . . “mobile giving” still dominates the conversation.  And since you need to raise funds for your nonprofit you must consider every viable means of fundraising!

But successful fundraising depends on more than always asking for a donation.  It depends on effective and compassionate communication.  It also depends on donor cultivation (AKA: stewardship, relationship building, or donor loyalty).

Just to be clear, mobile giving is important.  I support it.  I believe in it. 

I just don’t want people to limit their possibilities with the narrow view that mobile can only be used for a type of text-to-give campaign

Mobile is Perfect for Cultivation

I think one of the most effective, powerful and influential uses of mobile is cultivating your donors, members, advocates, volunteers, and so on. 

In fact, in August I spoke on this topic at the DMA Nonprofit Federation Conference in New York City.  And I wrote an article, Donor Cultivation Goes Mobile, in the September issue of the DMANF Journal.

Plus I’ve been writing about mobile and its many uses here in my blog. 

So why is mobile perfect for cultivation? 

Because it is the most personal communication channel available today!  People – including donors – carry their mobile phone with them wherever they go.  It’s how they communicate with their family and closest friends.

And now you can be part of their personal world.  But you must ask for permission to enter this private world.  And you must not abuse the privilege.

Mobile is different from email.  Mobile is different from direct mail.  Mobile is unique in a number of ways. And no one can do full justice to the topic in a blog post.  That’s why earlier this year I wrote an A-to-Z primer for anyone new to the world of mobile, Mobile for Nonprofits – Connecting Donors Through the Power of Mobile

If you follow the link you can view the Table of Contents and Foreward.  You’ll see how extensively I cover the subject in plain non-technical English.  The primer (a guidebook) is also packed with creative nonprofit examples on how to use mobile

I invite you to get my guidebook on mobile for nonprofits.  And if you don’t learn anything new, if it doesn’t help you better understand the potential of how mobile can help your nonprofit … just let me know and I’ll give you a full refund and you can still keep the guide.

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