I’ve written many times on my belief that the true power of mobile is using it for donor cultivation.   The tools available to cultivate donors, members, advocates, etc. via mobile continues to grow.  In addition, how you can use mobile to fundraise is also growing.

Last week in the Forbes blog there was a post titled, “Mobile Giving Foundation CEO on the Future of Mobile Philanthropy.”  The article focused on mobile giving, but I see even more possibilities that include cultivation of your nonprofit supporters.

The CEO of the Mobile Giving Foundation (MGF) is Jim Manis and he shared several emerging opportunities for mobile philanthropy in the Forbes article.  Specifically he stated that “Now we want to be more efficient and develop more tools to support donors.”

Boost efficiency by collecting more money.  The MGF expects to start collecting $20 and $25 donations in April 2011.

Testing the use of mobile barcodes (also known as 2D barcodes or QR codes).  Scan this code — shown anywhere in print — with your smartphone and nonprofit supporters are redirected to a website with more info.  Or it can be inserted into a text message as a way to share more info.  This is definitely both a cultivation tool and fundraising tool.

Use multimedia messages (MMS) to send donors, volunteers, prospects and advocates photos and video within text messages.  In addition, you can send slightly longer messages via MMS.  Yet another cultivation and fundraising tool.

As you integrate mobile into your fundraising and cultivation campaigns remember this: Mobile works best as a channel that supports and builds upon every other channel you’re using.  It really isn’t ideal as a stand-alone.  In other words, it shouldn’t be the ONLY way you raise funds or cultivate supporters. 

Other mobile resources for you:

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