Part 2 – 18 ways to build your nonprofit email list

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You’ll find the first nine (9) ways to build your nonprofit email list in my last post. Below are numbers ten through eighteen plus links to other helpful related posts.

Building your nonprofit email list (Cartoon used with permission)

10 – Whenever a donor, member or supporter calls your nonprofit, have your call center invite them to share their email address. (Refer to method #1 in previous post to have better success with this.)

11 – Include an email sign-up on search landing pages and make it very visible.

If someone has searched on a topic and ends up on your nonprofit website, there’s a good chance they’ll be receptive to receiving more info via email on that topic.

12 – Utilize third party resources such as Care2 and

13 – Your email service provider should have a way for subscribers to easily share (the email they just received from you) on social networks and by forwarding your email with a single click. Enable this “share” feature on every email sent. And from time-to-time add ad line or two within the email encouraging subscribers to share.

Perhaps there’s even a way you can give subscribers an incentive to share (e.g., a special report or sneak preview).

14 – Format your email to be mobile friendly (i.e., readable on smartphones and tablets).

15 – Integrate with other channels. For example:

> Support direct mail with email follow-ups

> Post social media updates that link to same landing page as the email but with separate trackable links.

> Send text messages to your nonprofit supporters that link to same landing page as the email but with separate trackable links.

16 – Analyze your email data to monitor trends; what’s working and what isn’t in terms of messaging, days of the week you mail, etc.; why subscribers are leaving and how can you minimize this; what they respond to the most; and periodically encourage subscribers to give you feedback and update their preferences.

17 – Keep subscribers engaged. The secret here is to get them engaged with one of the first two or three emails you send them. Optimize their front-end experience and then move them up to the next tier of engagement over time.

18 – Deliver quality content that’s relevant, personalized, and of value to your subscribers. In this case THEIR opinion on what is relevant and of value is the opinion that counts … not yours. Number 18 is as fundamental and crucial as method number 1 of how to build an email subscriber list.

Nothing earth-shattering in that list; and probably not anything new. But it’s important enough to warrant a reminder.

How are you building your nonprofit email list? What else can we add to this list? Please share in the comment box below.