Most of us appreciate good customer service. And one of the prime ways for a business to differentiate itself is by giving good – or better yet, great – service.

My question to you is this:

How can you differentiate your nonprofit and do an even better job of serving your donors or members?

Or stated another way,

How can you simultaneously engage them and add value to their experience with your nonprofit?

Cartoon - Birds on wireless lines

Mobile is Nonprofit Friendly. Wireless technology is only "freaky" for birds. (Cartoon by Morten Ingemann)

My answer to you is this: Add mobile marketing to your integrated campaigns.

Mobile is an ideal channel for delivering targeted messages that add value . . . that engage people . . . and it can do this even better than social networks.

Start simple and don’t let mobile “freak you out.”  Send helpful text messages to your donors, members, advocates, volunteers.  Examples include:

– industry news
– career tips
– trends
– reminder of seminars to retain professional certification

– hospital … health tips; reminders for periodic exams based on gender and age groups
– parks … travel tips; suggestions on where to visit; etc.
– college or university … achievements by students currently enrolled; homecoming news; alumni reunions; awards for any research; etc.
– museum … stories about moments in history related to your mission; tidbits on some of your exhibits; special events; etc.
– all types … status updates of programs or advocacy efforts; success stories

Your text message may be a teaser with a link to the rest of the story.  Other times the whole tip fits within the text message.

After donors or members have been receiving updates from you for awhile, ask them for feedback.  What do they like? What do they want more of?  What are they most interested in?  And so on.

With this feedback and previous repsonse data, you can segment your list and send more targeted messges to build even greater loyalty.

Mobile is perfect for engaging your supporters.

Mobile is perfect for cultivating them and building stronger relationships.

And after you’ve been engaging and cultivating, mobile is great for the occasional fundraising request.

Remember this: Mobile phones are one of the few items MANY people look at when they start their day, and it’s one of the last things they put aside before going to bed.

Don’t abuse this personal space.  Don’t spam.  Carefully follow the rules.

And ONLY send relevant, value-added messages.  Test and experiment to find the frequency and the different times of the day to send text messages.

Your reward for this value-added engagement is higher retention, higher conversions, and more revenue for your nonprofit via mobile marketing.

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