Donor Cultivation and Natural Disasters [infographic]

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Not every nonprofit has a mission to help people after a natural (or man-made) disaster. The Red Cross immediately comes to mind but they’re certainly not the only one.

Yet whether you do or don’t have such a mission, you can still help your supporters deal with disasters … this includes associations. I see it as another way to cultivate your relationship with them by providing helpful information.

How? I have a few thoughts on this but first the infographic:

The infographic above helps identify the greatest risks by region, has some information on how to prepare your home and families to handle these risks, and how disasters have impacted our country. 

You don’t need to wait until a disaster is forecast (e.g., hurricane, ice storm). Nor do you need to wait until one has occurred (e.g., earthquake, tornado, wild fires). 

Using the infographic plus additional resources from FEMA and other government agencies, you could prepare a tip sheet for your supporters. Mention how you’re preparing your own office (or updating your disaster response plan for your office and staff). And how you want to make certain that the folks who help you everyday – and whom you care about – are also prepared for natural disasters.

The concept is well-suited for a geo-targeted mailing. And for the email subscribers you have yet to get a physical address for, perhaps your call to action can entice them to give at least a zip code.

Since the preparation tips are tied to events most likely to impact a specific region, you need to know which tip sheet to send them based on their location. This cultivation email allows you to gather more data on your email subscribers as you help them.

What’s more, since text messages via mobile are ideal for cultivation and timely news, use this as an opportunity to get supporters to opt into your text messaging program. (More mobile cultivation ideas in this DMANF article I wrote.)

That’s the idea that popped into my head when I saw this infographic. Any nonprofit – charity or association – can use this as another way to help their donors and members. It’s another way to say thanks for all your support.

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NOTE: Infographic courtesy of “Daily Infographic”

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