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I came across an infographic by the Bank of America and it gave me a few ideas on cause marketing to share with you today.

As you look over the infographic below, you’ll see that it only talks about what the Bank of America is doing to help fight hunger in America. I have no problem whatsoever with this approach! It appears they’re supporting a variety of unnamed charities and doing a bit of PR work for themselves by publishing this infographic.

That’s great.

My thoughts for those of you working for nonprofits are these:

If you’re already in a cause marketing relationship with a business, see if they’ll pay for the creation of an infographic that promotes what the two of you are accomplishing together (i.e., both of your orgs). You help with the data, listing the benefits of their generosity, and other ideas for the infographic.

Local and regional charities can reach out to area businesses to form a cause marketing relationship.

o Point out the many ways you’ll help promote their business and their role in your good work – social media, joint press release, on your website, in emails and other communications.

o Also explain how popular infographics are and how this can be another way to illustrate what the business is helping to do. People like to share infographics with their networks so it helps give the business more positive PR. And again, persuade the business to pay for the creative design and you help with the content of the infographic.

Or simply use the infographic below as an idea generator for creating your own infographic on what donors are accomplishing.

o Remember to put donors in the spotlight and publish it with a multi-channel campaign.

o Done right (readable graphic that illustrates value, includes a call-to-action, and is marketed wisely) . . . you could not only raise awareness, but acquire more donors.

Oh, and don’t forget to look at the related links posts found below this infographic for more help on nonprofits using infographics.

Share by writing a comment below the ideas you got from the graphic. Or what tips can you share about cause marketing?

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