5 Ways to Make Your Direct Mail More Social

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As I expect you know by now, integration is a requirement for winning campaigns … campaigns that meet or exceed your business goals.

Today I’m going to share 5 ways to make your direct mail more social.

This is a form of multi-channel marketing and integration. You’re letting a pool of your best donors – direct mail recipients – know where else they can find you. What I’m suggesting today makes it easier for your supporters to engage with your nonprofit in other channels.

Some of these are rather obvious, and others may not be. Here goes…

1 – Add your social profiles to your direct mail package

You can add “Like us on Facebook” or “Follow Us on Twitter” calls-to-action on outer envelopes, the letters, lift notes, reply forms, surveys, etc. Associations can also add it to any statements or registration forms.

Make it real easy for them to find you. Include your page name. For example my Facebook page is Facebook.com/KarenZappFans and my Twitter handle is @KarenZapp. That’s what I mean by including your organization’s name.

Give them a reason WHY they ought to “LIKE” your page or follow you on Twitter. For example: When you like my Facebook page at KarenZappFans you get:

Exclusive fan-only content including a video critique of a direct mail package, and tips on writing email subject lines.

Easy way to ask me a question. Use the “Contact Me” tab on Facebook to send me a question, or post a comment to one of my FB updates.

Enjoy “Monday Miscellany.” Start your week on a positive note. I’ll share something on the lighter side. Often it relates to the nonprofit industry, and other times it’s generic but still worth sharing.

2 – Make your incentive social

You’ve given them a solid reason to visit your social profiles. Next make the offer itself social.

For example: If your incentive is to watch a fun video (branded, of course), then offer them something else when they share the video with their network. Maybe you give them a cool wallpaper photo for their computer.

3 – Create sharable landing pages

Let’s say someone donated online after reading a compelling story in an email appeal. That email took them to a landing page (probably your donate form with a headline and short paragraph of copy at the top tied to the email) where they converted on your offer.

After they donate, return a thank you page with share buttons on it. This allows them to share your compelling story to their social networks. You may acquire more supporters this way.

4 – Support the direct mail piece on your social profiles

Create a landing page on your website for your direct mail campaign. Rarely will you be able to plop the letter verbatim on the website. You’ll have to make edits so it’s web-friendly.

Then create trackable URLs for your appeal so you know which social profile is driving traffic to your landing page. Post updates in Facebook and Twitter and wherever else you are.

5 – Add QR codes

Whatever you create for people to download onto their smartphone … it must be mobile-friendly. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a landing page, a free report, or a video.

Include a simple statement on what they get when they scan the code. And perhaps offer the URL for a free and reliable bar code scanner app for their phone (not everyone has downloaded one for their smartphone).

I urge you to make your direct mail more social. And if you have any doubts about the value of this then please read my post from Tuesday, Online giving isn’t just for “30-somethings”

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Direct Mail + Email + Mobile + Social = Great Fundraising

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