The team approach to fundraising

in Integrated Multichannel Fundraising & Marketing

In this post the “team” I’m referring to is which marketing channels you join together to form a more powerful result.

In other words: Integrated or multi-channel marketing.

Supporters want nonprofits to use multiple channels for all marketing communications

Each channel is a team member working with other team members (channels) to achieve together far more than what any single one could achieve.

Why is this so important? Few of today’s donors and members (of any age) limit themselves to one channel. For example:

  • Today Martha Do-Gooder might prefer reading your direct mail appeal yet she donates online. Next week she’ll love receiving your email with breaking news on her favorite topic.
  • Today Sam Joiner might prefer browsing your association website for professional development webinars. Tomorrow he might appreciate receiving a text message asking him to send an urgent message to Congress.

Not only that but supporters are fast becoming platform-agnostic. And they also demand more and more control over your communications with them.

Integration is the solution

You can quickly meet more of the expectations of your demanding supporters by integrating every message. Sometimes this gets complex, but most of the time it’s straight-forword.

For example: Later today (11am EST, Jan 10th) my newsletter will be published. Subscribers will find 25 fundraising and marketing trends, tactics and strategies essential to their work in 2012. (Subscribe here to receive this premium issue.)

The channels I’m using are my blog, my Facebook page, and I’m tweeting about it. Simple, right?

I integrate because I want to reach as many people as possible ... and I know you pop in and out of different channels. I need to be in multiple places to meet the preferences of you and all my readers. That’s just one example of how I integrate to make it easier for my readers and prospective clients.

Charities and professional associations must also integrate. Not once in awhile, but every time.

The escalating importance of integrating your communications is just one of the 25 topics for 2012 that I cover in the today’s issue of the Zapp Nonprofit Leader newsletter. (Subscribe before 11am EST to receive a copy. Or send me an email and request a copy.)

Team up as many marketing channels as possible each and every time for happier supporters … and for better results than you could hope to get with just a single channel.

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