Is Google Adwords a good strategy for nonprofits on a tight budget?

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That question is succinctly answered in an interview I did with Howie Jacobson, PhD.  Howie is the author of Adwords for Dummies and Google Adwords for Dummies.

There are many benefits for charities that wisely include Google Adwords in their fundraising and marketing strategies.

For example: You can draw in prospects to your inspiring stories and content through Adwords. This is a viable form of inbound marketing which people are becoming more and more receptive to at the expense of “outbound” efforts.

Watch this 2 ½ minute video with Howie Jacobson where he answers the question: For nonprofits with a tight budget, is Google AdWords a good strategy for finding new donors?

PLUS he shares a valuable tip on how Adwords can also help testing of your direct mail campaigns.

Click here to watch the video.

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