Do you really VALUE opinions from donors and members?

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Has your nonprofit ever sent a survey, poll or questionnaire to your donors or supporters?  Have you ever used a telemarketing company to help you do this?

If yes – or if you’re considering it – please read this cartoon.

When asking ANYONE to “donate” their time to help you, make certain they have a good reason to do it. 

Look at it this way … In your email and direct mail campaigns you give people plenty of reasons to respond.  You don’t just send a short, blunt note like this: Return your gift today using the reply form and enclosed envelope. Acme Charity has been doing great work since 1973.

They also need good reasons for responding to your surveys. Be respectful of the respondent’s time. Help them see how important their answer truly is.

I’m not saying you have to pay them to respond.  But make it crystal clear how their answers might make a difference; or what’s in it for them.

Here are two ideas on how you can share a benefit to the respondent without “paying” them a consulting rate as our cartoon character requested:

Charity: We want to ensure you’re helped quickly and with courtesy on every visit you make to our hospital – whether for a routine check-up or something more urgent.  You visited within the last 30 days and I’ll like to ask you 3 questions to find out if you were treated courteously. 

Association: To keep membership dues from increasing, and to ensure you’re receiving the benefits that matter most to you, we’re calling members and asking for 3 minutes of your time to answer 5 questions.

If the opinions, thoughts, and preferences of your donors or members are truly important to you, show that you value the time it takes them to provide those answers.  Explain the benefits they’ll experience by answering your questions. 

Taking this approach will not only get you more responses, you’ll also be practicing good stewardship.


Cartoon is from Nicky510

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