And your first one is NOT, “Do we go mobile?” Reaching donors and members through their smartphones has become nearly as important as reaching them on their PCs.

That’s just one of the points in a recent article in Target Marketing, “3 Options for Your Direct Marketing Mobile Strategy.”

But just in case you think mobile is only for the big nonprofits … or only for those who have disaster relief missions and want to raise funds quickly via mobile … think again.

Get the facts. A popular primer – or guidebook – spells out ALL the ways mobile benefits nonprofits in clear, non-technical terms: Mobile for Nonprofits.

Okay. You’ve read the primer and done your research. And now you’ve made your decision to go mobile. Target Marketing lays out your next options nicely in terms of developing a mobile strategy.

And it’s all based on how you want mobile to support everything else you do, who you want to reach, and naturally what’s your budget.

Here are the 3 options related to your direct marketing mobile strategy from the article:

1) Mobile-compatible website (probably the quickest and cheapest), a web-based application, or a native mobile application? Which will you choose?

2) If you opt for an application, know that you shouldn’t take everything off your website and simply drop it on an app. (Anymore than you should take a 2-4 page direct mail letter and plop it onto your website or into an email without serious editing.)

3) There are numerous platforms (e.g., iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and more), and they all have varying development costs.

All these decisions. It’s a good article and I recommend you read it for the details relating to Target Marketing’s three options.

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