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Would-be Subscribers: Please read my blog

This may sound strange, but subscribing to my blog is no longer an option. But I still invite you to please read Karen Zapp’s Nonprofit Blog. You’ll find tons of valuable do’s & don’ts, guidelines, actual examples (the good and the bad), anecdotes, and more to help you write stronger fundraising copy.

Why no subscribers? Well, for a variety of reasons I no longer publish blog posts on a regular basis. I know. I know. That’s just the opposite of what we’re supposed to do. But with the demands on my time I just can’t keep a regular publishing schedule right now. Sorry.

And I don’t want to inadvertently mislead people with a subscription when there are large gaps of time between published content. That’s why I no longer offer you the chance to subscribe.

Again, please visit the Zapp Nonprofit Blog for insights on nonprofit copywriting and marketing for nonprofits. You’ll acquire more donors and members … increase retention … understand more about integrated multi-channel fundraising … read ideas on cultivation and stewardship … nonprofit storytelling … writing donor-centric copy … and more, all for both online (digital) and offline (print) channels.

Thank you for your understanding. And if you’d like help with an appeal package, some web copy, or another project … here’s how you can contact me.