What your nonprofit can learn from an Auto Parts Supplier

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Want to grow your email list 12-fold in a year?  That’s what an auto parts supplier did via integrated marketing

As you read this post, don’t focus on the differences – mission statements, possibly budgets, target audience, messaging – between your nonprofit and this B2B company. 

Instead focus on what is similar: An integrated multi-channel approach to growing an email list.

Dorman Products (an aftermarket auto parts manufacturer) uses a monthly newsletter to keep technicians informed of new products.  Unfortunately only about 2,000 out of an estimated 80,000 subscribed.

They wanted to do better.  So they “… leveraged social media, website display advertisements, press releases, trade shows and promotions to drive awareness.”  Within a year their subscriber list grew to about 25,000.  Not bad.

The heart of your success lies in giving prospects and donors a good reason why they should subscribe … starting with your website.   Then deliver on your promise.

Every invitation or promotion to subscribe ought to include a benefit to the subscriber.  What relevant and valuable information are you going to share with them? 

Use your website, social media, special events, online press releases, direct mail letters, text messages, email (invite current subscribers to share with a friend), YouTube, Care2, Change.org, Google Adwords (take advantage of Google grants), and anything else you can think of to offer people the chance to subscribe to your email.

Grow your email list through integrated marketing.  Any methods you use that I didn’t include here?

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