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There’s an article in FundraisingSuccess magazine worth reading: “Twitter Tips for Nonprofits

Many tips are shared but essentially, if you plan to use Twitter for a fundraising campaign target a very short time frame such as 24 or 48 hours.  And send out very regular status reports.  They recommend every 30 minutes!

Other fundraising tips they share:

  • Only raise funds for a specific project
  • Ask for small donations such as $10 or $20
  • In case you’re not already aware of it, check out  It’s a site where fundraising pages can be created without paying transaction fees!

 They have other great suggestions for nonprofits regarding Twitter such as . . .

  •  Add to your donor file database information you find on Twitter.  This may be from a donor’s bio or the content of their tweets.
  •  As always look for the influencers and strive to build especially strong relationships with them.  For example: Who has lots of followers and is on lots of lists?  Who gets retweeted a lot?
  • Ask core volunteers to Retweet you. 

And if you ask for Retweets then I’ll add this: Please remember to keep your tweets short enough so they don’t require any editing when someone clicks to Retweet.  For example: If your Twitter username is @AcmeCharity then your tweets must allow 17 characters.  This means your original tweet must be 123 or less characters in length. 

RT @AcmeCharity: xxxxx

In the ficticious example above there are 17 characters preceding the 1st “x” which represents the start of your original tweet.  So again, Acme Charity would want to keep their tweets at 123 characters or less so others can retweet them without editing.  Just a little courtesy touch I recommend.

Happy Nonprofit Tweeting!

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