Treat your Charity with Ice Cream

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Think selling ice cream is only for small-time fundraising events?  I found an example of creative fundraising that will “treat” the charity to a tasty amount of revenue.


Photo from Terence Ong via Wikimedia Commons

A Florida restaurant is hosting “Scoops for Success” to raise funds for the charity, Dress for Success.  The chef has two ice cream creations for the event, and all proceeds from these desserts will go to the charity.

This event ties in with National Ice Cream Month.  It’s fun, creative, and certainly seasonal.

Consumers and donors beat the heat with ice cream.  And at the same time help women in the neighborhood beat the odds by giving them resources to become employed.  Such a cooperative cause marketing effort also raises awareness for Dress for Success in addition to raising funds.

Last week I wrote a blog post on this very topic.  I pointed out that “… There are hundreds if not thousands of special observances [such as Nat’l Ice Cream Month] throughout the year that can provide ideas for you.  Get creative.  Have fun.”

I also emphasized how these observances can help you build stronger donor relationships.  Donor cultivation is important anytime of year.  Yet during the summer when you MAY not be as active with your fundraising, it’s an ideal way to keep your donors engaged. 

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