The Who, What, Why and How of Nonprofit Website Copy

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Each time you write web copy for your nonprofit – edit a page or add a new one to your site – you need to ask yourself a few basic, yet critical questions:

  1. Who will read this page?  Will it be new visitors, long time donors, or another target audience?
  2. What do I want this page to do?  What is its purpose?
    • For example: Is it to share a success story about a beneficiary of your mission?
    • For example: Is it to share breaking news on something happening in Congress that you want your donors, members, supporters to take action on?
    • For example: Is it to share important how-to information on your legacy program?  And do you want people to request more information; or download a PDF with info they can take to their attorney; or what?
  3. Closely related to #1 is this . . . What is the call to action for this page? And is this “action” EASY for the visitor to find and complete?
    • For example: To have the visitor click the donate button
    • For example: To download a document
  4. Why is the target audience coming and what do they want to know?  What are THEY expecting to find, read or do?   There’s a reason they’re coming (i.e., WHY) and your content needs to address it.
  5. How have I written the copy?  Is it for skimmers as well as methodical readers?  And can they get the gist of the whole page within the first short paragraph?
  6. How is the copy tailored?  Is it donor-centric?  And have I added value for the visitor?

Do all this correctly and you will enjoy visitors and donors who spend more time on your site and you’ll see an increase in conversions.

Click the link at the end of this sentence for more tips and techniques to boost the usability of your nonprofit website.

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