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Zapp's Charity Salute

Karen Zapp's salute to the nonprofits serving veterans (Copyright --- PK Scribe, LLC)

I want to SALUTE your charitable organization or association in honor of Veterans Day, November 11th.  This is a reminder that you still have time to get a salute in the form of free publicity.

How can you receive a salute?

If your nonprofit serves veterans and/or their families . . . I want to salute you.  You “qualify” whether those you serve are still on active duty, or they’re retired, in the reserves, or they served for any length of time in the U.S. military.

If you help vets . . . you deserve a salute! 

And my salute to you is in the form of being featured in my blog next week.  I’ll be sending out a press release, promoting it in Facebook and Twitter, bookmarking it in Digg and Delicious, and inviting others to help spread the news.  This means that your nonprofit has the chance to receive some free publicity.

But in order to salute your nonprofit I need to first know about you.  Please share three (3) easy and fast bits of information about your nonprofit:

– Full name of your nonprofit
– URL of your nonprofit
– 2 or 3 short sentences in everyday language on what you do and how you help veterans (no mission statements, please)

To share this info with me simply add a comment below with these 3 pieces of information, or send it to me via email: Resources[at]pkscribe[dot]com

I’ll be saluting next week (Nov 8 – 12) so please send me your info by the end of this week (November 5).  Thanks!  This is also my way of helping my fellow veterans and saluting them at the same time.

Oh, and I wrote about my salute to veterans and the nonprofits that serve veterans a few weeks ago in another blog post if you want a little more background. 

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