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You may not be doing as much fundraising or prospecting during the heat of summer.  But it’s a great time to cultivate donor and member relationships.  

Emails are an especially cost-effective tool for cultivation.  Check the “email category” of my blog to see more help on writing strong emails.

What do you say in these emails?  How exactly do you cultivate?  The answer is, send them information they value.

For example:  Keep sending them updates on your mission progress.  Share stories.  Show them the good they’re making possible.  Associations can send helpful articles (or links to articles), webinars, and more to help members with their careers.

And to catch the attention of your donors and members, you may need a few ideas.  Themes, angles, or twists that tie in with your content to add a bit of fun and a change of pace.

There are hundreds if not thousands of special observances throughout the year that can provide those ideas for you.  Get creative.  Have fun. 

Here is a partial list of those coming up in July and August:

National Cheer up the Lonely Day
Korean War Veterans Day
National Ice Cream Day (plus several other days devoted to specific flavors)
Amelia Earhart Day
Parents Day
Chocolate Day
Swimming Pool Day
International Puzzle Day
Bastille Day
Hug Week

Sports Day
National Kids Day
American Family Day
International Art Appreciation Day
National Relaxation Day
Joke Day
National Aviation Day
Dream Day

As I look at that list I can think of many ways make a connection to the missions of shelters, food banks, anything relating to the outdoors, families, health, kids, veterans, and so on.  And there were possibilities in the list for aviation associations, cultural, veterans, and even career aspirations for Dream Day!

Below are four links where lists of these special events can be found. I’ve noticed a bit of inconsistency on dates, so double check your data with more than one source.

Special Days on

Special Days and Events on

Bizarre Holidays on

Holidays on

As a fundraising copywriter I’m always grateful for any sources of ideas. I’ve found sometimes just looking over the list can trigger a creative solution to my project. Hope you also find them helpful.

Want more ideas on how to tie your mission in with special holidays and observances?  I wrote an article on the subject.  Click here to read Creative Fundraising and Public Relations using Special Observances.  Detailed examples (i.e., creative ideas) include veteran’s organizations and museums, plus ideas for seven other types of nonprofits (including associations).

Summer time is ideal for strengthening donor relations and cultivating members.  Emails with links to your website are inexpensive and quick-to-implement techniques.  And have fun sharing value with your friends.

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