Based on the questions after the session, and comments from attendees during the rest of the conference . . . our “Top Nonprofit Bloggers Tell It Like It Is” session was enjoyed by all.  Jeff Brooks organized this for the DMA Nonprofit Federation New York Conference (Aug 24-25, 2010).  Thanks, Jeff.

In the 12 minutes I had to “spout off” my goal was to open people’s minds to ALL the possibilities of mobile. As I often say, mobile giving is only the tip of the iceberg. 

I believe the true potential of mobile is CULTIVATION  You can build stronger relationships and cultivate all your target audiences: donors, prospects, members, advocates, volunteers, and beneficiaries of your mission via mobile.

Are most of your donors over age 65? 

My idea on how to address this fact sparked considerable interest.  First let me say that there are MANY seniors and matures that use mobile devices. And a good percentage of them already send and receive text messages. 

But if you have mature supporters who don’t know how to text . . . help them learn.  Create a guidebook, video or another tool that shows them how to do this.  Yes, I know there are many different types of mobile phones and devices.  Choose the top 5 or 6 and create tutorials for them.

Second: Promote your texting learning tool to your mature donor database by appealing to the grandparents in the crowd.  Ask how many would like to communicate more often with their grandkids?  Texting is one of the best ways to do this. 

Why?  Because their grandkids probably do almost nothing but text. Teens and youths spend very little time talking on mobile phones.  Studies show they’re not too keen on talking.  They find it rude and invasive.  So although the grandparents may prefer to talk, at least they’ll be able to keep in touch via text instead of getting nothing but silence. 

Teach them how to send and receive text messages from their grandkids and you’ll definitely build a stronger relationship with these mature donors.  And then invite them to also receive mobile updates from your nonprofit via text.  Send them success stories, or other valuable content to help them keep their texting skills sharp for the grandkids. 

Remember, mobile is an extremely personal communication channel . . . the most personal channel available.  And personal touches are ideal for cultivating stronger relationships. 

What do you think of using mobile for cultivating stronger donor and supporter relationships?  Spout off with your thoughts and leave a comment.


More about the blogger’s panel for DMANF in New York:

Each of us spoke frankly on whatever topic we chose.  Anything that was happening within the nonprofit industry, impacting it, what we liked or didn’t like, where we thought things were headed, and so forth.  It was a fun time with my fellow bloggers.

Members of the Blogger’s panel were …

 Jeff Brooks, Future Fundraising Now    

Katya Andresen, Katya’s Non-profit Marketing Blog  

Sarah Durham, Duck Call (Big Duck) 

Roger Craver, The Agitator, and            

myself, Karen Zapp, Zapp Nonprofit Blog

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