Who says mobile is just for raising funds? Donor cultivation is where I believe the really big payoff will happen.

In the last six to eight months there’s been a flurry of information published on mobile giving. Especially the text-to-give campaigns related to Haiti relief.

But if you think mobile giving is the only way to take advantage of this technology, then you’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg.

  • Mobile is arguably the most personal communication channel in the world.
  • That makes it ideal for reaching donors anytime . . . anywhere.
  • People use their mobile device to keep in touch with family and friends.  And now you too can enter this private world.

Those are just some of the reasons why mobile is such a powerful channel to build stronger relationships with your donors and volunteers.  And associations can just as easily use it to foster stronger relationships with their members.

You can send text or voice mail messages.  Send advocacy alerts.  Send tips related to your mission.  For charities they might be healthy eating tips; pet care tips; going green ideas; reminders of special events; call for volunteers; and on it goes.  For associations it might be career tips; networking tips; updates on webinars or conferences; links to resources; and so forth.

Sending valuable information via mobile that your supporters have agreed to receive it a great donor cultivation strategy.  If you want an in-depth resource with creative examples on using mobile for donor cultivation, plus mobile giving … here’s an A-to-Z report that makes you mobile savvy fast: Mobile for Nonprofits – Connecting to Donors Through the Power of Mobile.

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