Yeah; I know a lot of folks working at nonprofits dislike advertising and marketing.  But whether YOU call it that or not, you’re already doing a boatload of marketing.  And I think online advertising offers an opportunity you shouldn’t ignore.

Why do I say that?  As more newspapers, magazines, news sources and books continue to move to the digital world, I think online advertising will become more prevalent as a viable acquisition method.   Hone your skills now.  Beat the rush.  Get ahead of the curve.

Adhere to the guideline … be where your donors, volunteers and advocates are.  That includes online.

1 – Showcase a great website tailored to how your supporters think; to their preferences.

2 – Have a presence in social media (i.e., networking sites, YouTube, etc.)

3 – Be “in the news.”  Send out regular enticing online press releases that journalists want to feature in their online publications.

4 – Get discovered through value-added online ads in the “display network” (formerly the content network); have your ad show up in search results; on social networking sites; or all of these locations.

As a nonprofit you have access to Google Grants.  Up to $10,000 per month in free advertising is possible — and in some cases even more.  This is tremendous.

The point is this: People of all ages are spending more and more time online.  Make it easy for them to find you and support you in a variety of ways:

– raise awareness

– get volunteers for an event or other need

– engage them with your video, quiz or other interactive call-to-action

– raise money for your mission

And on it goes.  Consider every source of funding and donor acquisition.  Our world continues to evolve.  Don’t wither away because you didn’t adapt to the changes.  Read how advertising online pays off for your nonprofit.

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