Increase response in 2010 with your holiday spirit

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As you prepare your acquisition and renewal campaigns for 2010, reflect on the holiday season.  What is it that you personally – not your charity or nonprofit association – enjoy most about Christmas or Hanukah?

  • Is it reuniting with family and sharing traditions?
  • Is it creating new memories?
  • Is it recalling precious memories of years gone by?
  • Is it the warmth you feel from people you meet each day?

Whatever it is . . . take that special personal feeling and put it into the copy you write.  Transfer that “warmth” into your copy.

Have a warm conversation with your prospects, donors or members and let them know they’re also very special to you.  Make a personal one-on-one connection with them so they firmly believe they are important to you and the organization your represent.

Take the spirit of the season that’s deep in your heart and fill your acquisition and renewal campaigns with it throughout 2010!

Do that correctly and you’ll make a personal connection with your supporters and members.  You’ll enjoy a prosperous New Year as you help others through your mission.

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