How Goodwill website engages donors on many levels

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For several reasons, I believe Goodwill has a good thing going on their ”Donate Movement” website. 

 What first caught my attention was the calculator which you’ll see when you visit the site.  When I find clever tools, ideas, devices or games on nonprofit websites that compliment and enhance their mission, as well as get people engaged, I highlight them on this blog.

Here are the good things I found on the Goodwill website:

1 – Engagement device.  The “calculator” gets them involved.  And more importantly, clearly shows how their donation helps.  Donors instantly see how they can make a difference.

2 – Clever take-off on the famous recycle symbol.  Pulls in a larger audience.  People who may not make this connection on their own: My donation of clothing to Goodwill helps the environment.  Less stuff going into landfills.

Goodwill slogan_July10



 3- Encourages participation and SUPPORT on many levels

  • Social media communities – invites people to add the “Donate” symbol on their Facebook and Twitter profiles; and to tell friends about the “Donate Movement.”
  • Bloggers – invites bloggers to show their support for the needy in their community, and their desire to protect the environment.  Just blog about the “Donate Movement” and display the “Donate” symbol.  On the page dedicated to how bloggers can help, Goodwill also provides the banners – with html coding to copy and paste – that will attract attention, and shows that the blogger is on the team. 
  • De-clutter and donate – Goodwill has teamed with Lorie Marrero (best-selling author of The Clutter Diet).  Marrero is also the Donate Movement’s ambassador.  So as they encourage all of us to de-clutter our homes and eliminate the stress that can cause … Goodwill and Marrero point out how this also makes a difference in our community and helps create a healthier planet. Simply donate gently used clothing and household items to Goodwill a few times this year.
  • Calculate impact of your donation – In more than one place on the website, there are links to the page with the calculator that I mentioned above.  Goodwill invites donors to “see the real world impact your donations have on the people in your community and your local environment.”  For example:  One pair of jeans can provide someone in your community with about 10 minutes of resume preparation services.

4 – Simple language, stories, and examples of how supporters can help, and how we can make a difference in other people’s lives.  This includes photos and stories of people who received help from Goodwill – mission beneficiaries. 

 Keep up the good work, Goodwill.

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