How business networking raises funds for charity

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This model helps three different audiences: 1) locally-owned businesses; 2) professional women; and 3) local nonprofits.

Carol Arnott of Greenville, Delaware, does a great job of helping all three groups grow and succeed.  She founded NEWS4Women with a focus on networking events that build relationships (as opposed to exchanging business cards with the same speed and randomness as dealing a deck of cards).

NEWS4Women was founded in September 2008, and Arnott now has 1,400 people on her distribution list.  That’s certainly an example of good growth.

How does it help nonprofits?

Once a month her signature event – Wine4Women – is held at a different locally owned business that raises money for a local nonprofit.  It’s a networking mixer.

“It’s a great opportunity for women to learn from one another, to support one another and to support the community at the same time,” says Arnott.

The fundraising for the local charity is an example of grassroots fundraising (or peer-to-peer fundraising).  They try to support lesser-known charities that could use a boost of support.  The charity gets exposed to a new group of prospects – including some locally influential people – and as I understand it a portion of the ticket price goes to the charity.

Arnott added that “…my vision is that someday this will be a national organization.”

Perhaps your nonprofit can get in on this fundraising and donor acquisition opportunity.  Arnott is already looking to expand into Pennsylvania.  And her website is ready to add other chapters.

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