Holiday Infographics for Nonprofits

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The infographic example below from Goodwill Industries is a clever example countless charities and associations could emulate.

It is timely – holiday theme.

It is visually clean – not jammed with tons of graphics and text. Plenty of white space (okay the background is pale blue, but the concept still holds).

It’s fun and interesting – at least I think so. Many people are curious where they might fit it … which type of sweater person are you?

It ends with a call-to-action – donate your gently used sweater and help the festive sweater spirit live on.

My only suggestion for improvement is to make it more readable by eliminating that ghastly grey-colored font in each of the boxes beside each cartoon figure modeling a sweater. Black (I mean pure black) is immensely easier to read, especially when the font is small.

What ideas does this inspire for your association or charity? There are many holidays throughout the year so don’t limit your creativity to Thanksgiving, Hanukah, or Christmas!

That’s all from me for 2012. See you again in 2013. Meanwhile, my best to you and yours for a joyous holiday season.

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