Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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happy_st_paddys_dayCareful!  If you’re not wearing at least a wee bit o’ green today, you might get pinched.

This is an important holiday in our house for the simple reason that I’m part Irish and my husband is almost 100% Irish.  Therefore I thought it appropriate to recognize it in my blog.

Going back to the tradition of wearing green . . . did you know that originally “blue” was the color for Saint Patrick? 

I’m not certain all this is strictly accurate, but one source I found said that Saint Patrick (circa AD 387–461; and the most easily recognized patron saint of Ireland), used the shamrock – a three-leaved plant – to explain the Holy Trinity to the pre-Christian Irish.    As time went on the wearing of shamrocks and shamrock-inspired designs have become an extremely popular symbol of the holiday. 

In fact the phrase, “the wearing of the green”, means to wear a shamrock on one’s clothing. 

Have a great Irish day!

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