My best wishes to you and your nonprofit charity or membership association for 2010.  To help launch your acquisition efforts for the New Year I’m sharing a bit of fun.

These verses that follow won’t pass the “structure test” with my high school English teacher, but here goes anyway . . .


Hail to the charities
With great deeds by the score.
May your acquisition campaigns
Yield new donors galore.

Fill your direct mail letters,
Emails and websites…
With copy that’s warm,
Personal, and tells of your plight.

As prospects become donors,
Quickly shower them with thanks.
They’ll not renew if all you do,
Is put their money in the bank.


Cheers to the associations
Who aid our careers.
May your acquisition campaigns
Gather members ready for high gear.

Write not of what you do,
But of how they benefit…
From all that you offer
In their membership kit.

As prospects become members,
Shout “welcome” as you accept their coins.
For the renewal process begins,
The moment they join.

To all my readers

Have an enjoyably safe time,
As you ring in the New Year!
Your 2-thousand-10 will be brighter,
If from this blog you apply what you see here.

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