Forcing people to give to charity is un-American

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My viewpoint may not be too popular with some of my nonprofit friends and colleagues.  But for me it’s the bedrock of what our country was founded on – freedom.  Specifically freedom of choice.

An article on the National Public Radio website has the headline: Should bank execs donate part of their paychecks to charity?

The article then opens with, “Typically big profits for a Wall Street bank translate into large bonuses for the firm’s executives. But this year’s bonus season could be tempered by an unprecedented measure: mandatory philanthropy. Goldman Sachs is reportedly considering a plan to force employees to give part of their bonuses to charity.”

Setting the subject of taxes aside . . . Forcing people to spend the money they earned in a certain way is wrong – and for me it doesn’t matter how much they earned.  Taking away my choices and dictating how I spend my income is socialism.  It’s flat out wrong in my book and contrary to what the USA stands for.

And telling people it must go to charity does not make it right.  The end doesn’t justify the means.

I faced something like this early in my working career as an employee in the for-profit world.  And I assure you I wasn’t receiving a large bonus!  Far from it.  I was told I had to give a specified percentage of my gross income to a charity my employer chose.  I fought it then and I’ll continue to fight it.

Folks, you may not like that some people earn large salaries and bonuses.  But opportunities for success without the government or anyone else restricting them are often why so many people immigrate to the U.S.  They know how precious our freedoms are.  They know how incredible it is that you can be as successful as your creativity, dedication, and talents allow in the USA.

Don’t condemn success.  Instead reach out to these people.  Congratulate them and ask if they would kindly consider sharing some of their success through a donation to your charity.  It’s the American way.

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