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Regardless of the topic, industry, or market … no one person or consultant has all the answers. Neither does any single organization or agency have all the answers. You and I need to get input from a variety of sources to help us in our work.

Speaking for myself, that means I read numerous blogs, news sources, and publications. Plus I also interact with several consultants as I go about my work.

My Favorite Nonprofit BlogsWhat’s all this leading to?

I’ve often been asked, “Karen, what are your favorite nonprofit blogs?” That’s not an easy question to answer.

There are over two-dozen terrific fundraising blogs that I’m subscribed to and I found it difficult to narrow the list to a handful.

So to narrow the list, I chose those blogs whose authors publish content that resonates deeply with me the most often.

Drum roll, please … Here’s the list (in alphabetical order):

101 Fundraising – variety of bloggers contribute to this “crowd-sourced” blog

Future Fundraising Now – Jeff Brooks … focuses on putting donors in the spotlight; what’s best for them is also best for your nonprofit

Getting Attention – Nancy Schwartz … centers on the overall messaging nonprofits create; clear communications that are personalized and relevant to the readers – Joanne Fritz … covers a variety of topics and resources especially for smaller nonprofits

The Agitator … also cover a variety of topics and keep well abreast of emerging trends and issues

By the way, my favorite topics – those topics that get me on a soap box faster than others – include:

writing reader-centric copy

cultivation and stewardship

user-friendly websites

making everything EASY for the donor/supporter and giving them choices

emotion-infused copy

not being afraid to stand out from the crowd

understanding that everything you do is marketing

exceeding the expectations of your donors, members, and advocates

That’s my reply to all the people who have been asking me to share my favorite nonprofit blogs. Hope you find the list helpful to you. What are your favorite fundraising blogs?

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