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You can grow your subscribers and followers by integrating email and social media.  They feed off each other and the result is more people reading your content.

How might you integrate email and social media?

– deliver blog posts via email

– share email newsletters on Twitter

– insert links to blog posts within emails and newsletters

– In a manner of speaking, Facebook does a simplistic form of integration for you.  Facebook requires an email address to log-on, and their emails notify you of updates, friend requests and comments.  

Again, by driving your social media followers and fans to email lists – and vice versa – you can build your subscriber base (and yes, follower/fan lists also grows).  This also gives subscribers the choice of reading your content in their preferred channel.  It’s good service (cultivation and building relationships) to give them a choice whenever possible.

Will you really see growth in your lists/databases? 

A recent survey by AWeber of email marketers found that . . .

33% reported an increase in their email subscriber base after integrating social media and email marketing.

30% reported an increase in friends/fans/followers after integrating social media and email marketing.

20% reported an increase in loyalty after integrating social media and email marketing.

Not all the marketers track their numbers.  If they did I firmly believe the numbers would be higher. 

There’s more.  A study by the Nielsen Company indicates that “…social media use makes people consume email more, not less…particularly for the highest social media users.”

Bottom Line:   It pays to integrate email and social media.  It will yield more subscribers and followers.  But don’t stop there.  Nonprofits today must have a complete mix of offline and online channels in order to survive.  And they must also do it well in order to thrive with their fundraising and marketing.

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