Boost Direct Mail Acquisition Results with Your Nonprofit Website

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Good nonprofit copywriting ties everything together.  This means the carrier envelope, letter, reply device and anything else that’s in the package.

And these days it also means tying in your website.

55 – 68% of all direct mail recipients go to your website BEFORE deciding to give.  Many will still send in their gift through the mail.  But some may decide to give online.

You’ll boost response if you connect the acquisition mailing to your website in two ways:

  1. On the Home Page: Have a clickable graphic or a short news item (with a text link) that match the acquisition mailing.  The links take prospects to your unique landing page.
  2. Unique Landing Page: The content on this page is devoted to the same topic and theme as your mailing.  You could add in another success story.  But you must make it crystal clear how their donation will be used and how they will help make a difference.

And you might make it easy for them to find other information with additional text links to pages you know are frequently visited (based on your analytics).  These probably include the “about” or “history” pages, your financials, contact information (actually, have your contact data on the landing page instead of making them click again to find it), and so forth.

Finally, give them the option to donate right now online.  This means you can put their hard earned money to work even faster . . . people will be helped faster.

And if that first statistic wasn’t enough to grab your attention (i.e., 55-68% check out your website before giving), remember this:  90% of all donors in the U.S. are online daily.  Please don’t overlook your website and tie it in with your mailings for higher response.

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