Updated November 2010 – Article you will also find helpful published in the September issue of the DMANF Journal, Donor Cultivation Goes Mobile.  I also spoke on this topic in the August 2010 DMANF Conference in New York City.

Updated April 2010 (See end of post.)

What is this technology?  MOBILE.  Why do I believe it’s perfect for nonprofits?  Because it is so personal.

And although it’s still unknown how viable text-to-give and micro-donations will be to your overall fundraising program . . . I believe mobile’s greatest contribution for nonprofits will come in relationship building.

Whatever you call it – relationship building, stewardship, or donor cultivation – mobile has the potential to enhance your efforts. 

One thing about mobile that’s important to understand: It works best when it supports everything else you do.  In other words, don’t think of it as a stand-alone channel.  While some channels do fine alone (e.g., direct mail), mobile really doesn’t.

And while I’m on the subject, it’s best if you don’t think of ANY channel/media as stand-alone.  All your efforts ought to be integrated across multiple channels.  Any results will be improved (increased) when you take an integrated approach.  Even if it’s as simple as sending a reminder email to a direct mail appeal.

Back to mobile. 

Because I believe mobile is especially well-suited for nonprofits (charities and professional/trade associations), I’ve teamed up with Kim Dushinski to create a guide for nonprofits on how to use mobile.  It should be published in early spring.

She is the author of The Mobile Marketing Handbook.  Kim Dushinski is a recognized authority and expert on mobile marketing.  I have experience working with nonprofits on their fundraising and marketing campaigns. 

Together we’re writing a guide (a primer) to explain the A-B-C’s of mobile for nonprofits.  And it will be written for Executive Directors, Creative Directors, Communications Managers, etc.  In other words, for the person in the trenches that may not be a technical guru.

Stay tuned.

Updated April 2010: Our guide is ready.  Mobile for Nonprofits – Connecting to Donors Through the Power of Mobile.

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