I was out hiking this past weekend in the rolling mountains of western Maryland.  One of the highlights was gazing at the hillsides bursting with white, purple, yellow, and lavender wild flowers.  A gorgeous sea of color.

What do wild flowers have to do with nonprofit marketing?

Brighten your nonprofit landscape by doing something NEW this Spring.

Springtime flowers and all the “newness” of spring makes me think of a fresh start.

How can you make your marketing blossom?  What can you do to make it new, fresh, and more relevant to your readers?  How can you make them look at what you do and break out in a smile?

Think hard about ONE thing you could improve to make this summer or fall a better one for your nonprofit and those you help. What’s your fresh start – inspired by spring – going to be?

– Add a benefit-laden sentence to your email sign-up box so people have a great reason to subscribe.

Over-haul your website home page to be more visitor friendly.

Test a few daring ideas in your direct mail letter that you might be able to use this fall during your biggest campaigns.

Clean your email list. Fewer names that are valid and responsive are FAR better than a huge list.

– Make time.  Accept no excuses.  But get more stories from the field on the great work your charity does.  And for associations get member testimonials on how you helped them.  Get ready for your fall and holiday campaigns now.

– Master the art of writing reader-centric copy.  Or make the commitment to hire a professional who can.

Research and learn about mobile, online video, and other engaging tactics that are perfect for cultivation, acquisition, and fundraising.

Those are just seven ideas on what you might improve.  I suspect you have plenty more of your own.

Of course, instead of a hillside of wild flowers you want a growing file of donors or members.  To get that I’m suggesting you shake things up a bit.

Do something new and different to spring your nonprofit marketing forward. Perhaps you’ll get immediate results this summer.  Or perhaps you’ll benefit this fall and for months to come.

Either way … Change is good.  Change is one of the paths to growth.

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