Solution to Crossword Puzzle – What donors are thinking

Did you find it easy to think like a donor in order to solve the fundraising crossword puzzle: What your donors and prospects are thinking?

Did you give the puzzle your best effort? And hopefully you found it a pleasant break during your day – a bit of fun.

Here are the answers to the puzzle:


3.  to do with it
4.  online
7.  one two   (i.e, first blank is “one” and second blank has the word “two”)
9.  difference


1.  ask for money
2.  email
3.  thank you
5.  mission
6.  trust
8.  why

Again, my wish is that you found this enjoyable … and perhaps it even helped you understand the importance of writing appeals that are reader-centric.  Appeals that have the information most important to donors, members, and prospects.

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