Your Direct Mail Package Isn’t Complete Until the Reply Device “Sings”

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As the expression goes, “It’s not over until the fat lady sings.”

That’s the big finale.  The smash finish that sends the audience home inspired, moved, and possibly in tears.  You can bet the opera company gives a lot of attention to the finale.

And your reply device deserves equal attention. Why?

It’s the big finish to a direct mail package.  It ties everything together.  The reply device summarizes your offer in clear, succinct words.  It reminds people of the core theme that you’ve carefully woven throughout your appeal letter.  And it’s where you “collect” the donation.

You may ask them to mail in a check using the reply envelope.  Or you may also give the option of writing in their credit card information.  Or you might also give donors the option of going online to donate.  Whatever you decide . . . the reply device ties everything together in a small, neat package.

So please spend plenty of time on your direct-mail reply device.

  • Include a compelling line or two of copy that repeats the central theme of the appeal and reminds the donor why they’re giving; what they’re helping to do today.
  • Repeat the offer CLEARLY.
  • Include a deadline to respond.
  • And consider repeating (I’m assuming you gave specific examples within the body of the letter) the good that each gift amount does.  What their $25 gift will achieve; and their $35 gift and their $50 . . . or whatever the ask string is.

Make your reply device “sing” with the zest of a grand finale so it firmly reassures the donor of their decision to send you a generous gift today.

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