Write a newsletter donors and members WANT to read

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You sent out your newsletter the other day.  And now you’re on cloud nine because it’s receiving lots of praise.

But what’s most important is . . . WHO is doing the praising.  Not your board of directors.  Not your creative director or executive director.

Your donors are praising your newsletter

Or if you’re an association . . . then your members are praising it.  That’s great!  But why are you receiving praise?

Probably because you followed some basic rules on writing a newsletter donors / members want to receive and read.  For example:

  • Donors feel needed.  They feel wanted.  You wrote donor-centered copy.  You gave them credit for what was achieved.  You show the impact of their giving along with emotion.
  • You understand that donors don’t give to your charity; rather, they give to a “need.”  You’re merely a tool by which they help make the world a better place.  [Likewise your association is a tool for members to advance their career.]
  • You wrote for skimmers as well as for readers.
  • Your headlines are exciting, benefit-driven, and intriguing.
  • You sat on the front porch and told stories to a friend.  You didn’t lecture from a podium. [Figuratively speaking of course.  But your mindset makes a huge difference in the tone and appeal of the copy.]

There’s more.  But that ought to be enough for now to keep writing great newsletters.  Congratulations!

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