Why Video is a Powerful Storytelling Tool

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Used correctly, video can build stronger relationships, raise funds, raise awareness, recruit volunteers, and on it goes. 

Video Storytelling for Nonprofits

However, creating an EFFECTIVE video requires the same attention to detail that any acquisition or renewal direct mail campaign demands. 

This includes the requirement for clear messaging accentuated by relevant pictures (still or moving pictures), and a clear call-to-action coupled with an easy way to respond. 

But the main point I want to make today is this . . .

Video is ideally suited for is storytelling

Why do I say that?

The impact of a story is intensified during oral telling.  The experience is naturally intensified because our mirror neurons (in our brain) are turned on by physical sounds, expressions, smells and movements of people in the room. 

Have you ever noticed how people “perk up” when a speaker starts telling a story?  And have you ever noticed that you may not recall much of the speech, but you probably remember the well-told story? 

Humans are wired for stories … especially oral stories.

Video brings sound and motion into play for storytelling that can’t be done in a written story within a letter or email.  It’s the next best thing to being there in person to tell the story.

Video gives you the chance to give listeners and viewers a deeper emotional experience.  Again, this is because you’re triggering their mirror neurons.

Where to use video storytelling

Use it anywhere you can.  On your website, link to it via other channels such as email, mobile, social media, and even print (via QR codes and/or vanity URLs).

Write a great story. Then narrate it. Just remember, you’re NOT reading a video script – you’re telling a story.  The difference between the two is a wide chasm.

Video is a powerful storytelling tool.  But only if you make the time to do it correctly.  Good luck and have fun.

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