Why Do People Donate to Your Nonprofit?

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Do you know the answer to this question: Why do people donate to your nonprofit?  How confident are you that you really know the top 6 reasons donors give?  Or even the top 3 reasons?

In other words, what matters MOST to your supporters?

The answers to all these questions vary from one organization to another.  This is because you must to know what aspects of YOUR mission resonate the strongest with your donors, volunteers and members.

That’s not all: Your mission, how you perform your mission, and how you interact with your supporters all combine for a unique experience when compared to other nonprofits.  That unique experience leads to unique answers.

The answers are priceless . . . but only if they come directly from your supporters.  Don’t guess.  Don’t assume you know what they’re thinking and feeling.

Use the priceless answers to write stronger copy.  Copy you now KNOW connects with your current supporters.  And it’s also copy that will touch prospects and draw them in too.

In essence you use their own words, feelings, and passions to write your web copy, direct mail appeals, emails, stories, press releases, pay-per-click ad copy, newsletters, video scripts, and so forth. Using their own words is also known as reader-centric or donor-centric copy.

Consider a short 3 or 4 question survey to get the answers you need to rev up your copy.  Use all your marketing channels when conducting a survey: phone, website, email, direct mail, and social media.  For anything on the web make it easy for your donors (and you) by linking to an online survey.  Survey Monkey  is a popular tool that does a good job and compiles the data.

You’ll enjoy higher response rates, open rates, conversion rates, average gift values, more funds raised, etc. when you use the right message.

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