Want to engage older donors who are also in a higher income bracket?

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If you answered “yes” to that question, then I have another one for you: Are you creating content that is compatible with tablets?

I ask these questions because tablet users are skewed noticeably older than smartphone users. In fact . . .

Tablet users are 28% more likely to be in the 65+ age segment (as compared to smartphone owners)

Nearly 3 in 5 tablet users are in homes with incomes over $75K annually

Here’s something else you may want to know: Tablet users are nearly three times more likely than smartphone users to watch video. And view it frequently – at least once a week. Some (about 10%) watched video nearly every day on their tablet.

And 26.7% of those who watch a video at least once a month on their tablet paid to watch content. So I also ask you . . .

Are you creating captivating videos?

Are your videos compatible with smartphones and tablets?

What other rich content can you create for this demographic?

What inspiring content do you have that you could charge a fee for people to watch?

Guess what? You need to be marketing, cultivating and fundraising in this channel.

Tablet usage at critical massTablets reached critical mass in U.S.

Folks, tablets as a product have reached critical mass in the United States. Why is that significant? Typically products need to reach “critical mass” before becoming mainstream with self-sustained adoption (i.e., without having to add any more investment).

This means the number of people owning tablets is about to explode. Are you ready?

Bottom line: Older, more affluent donors have tablets – and they watch video on tablets.  Is your content “tablet-ready”?


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Data for this post from a study published in a Marketing Profs article. Details here.

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