Requirement: Holiday and Year-End Gratitude

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I firmly believe that timely thank-you letters for the donations you receive are a priority all year round.  But right now it is a vital requirement

Why do I believe telling your donors “thank you” at this time of year is so vital?

  1. We’re still in a recession.  Many donors are contemplating their giving decisions more carefully.  And if you fail to QUICKLY send them a personalized thank you letter for their gift then you run a higher than usual risk of offending them.  People have less money to spend and to give.  So when they do decide to give they want to know you care about them.  Failure to acknowledge their gift leaves them thinking: “All they care about is getting my money.  That’s the last gift they’ll get from me!”
  2. We’re in the season of giving.  At this time of year most people are a bit kinder to others.  And we tend to expect the same from those we meet and do business with.  So if your nonprofit organization ignores a donor’s generosity by failing to acknowledge their gift FAST; then you stand out in contrast to the season.  And I think you’ll make a stronger negative impression.  I think you’ll run an increased risk of offending and losing donors.

So, send those thank you letters out within a week of receiving the gift if at all possible.  And don’t use a cold form letter either.  Donors can quickly spot them.  Some extra effort this holiday season on your part will build stronger donor loyalty and increase your chance of receiving another donation.

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