Radio show wants nonprofits with success stories using social media

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The folks at PJA Internet Radio want to feature nonprofits during an upcoming radio show.

I found out about this on LinkedIn where Jessica Weil started a discussion today, Feb 12th.  Jessica is a “Social Media Analyst at PJA Advertising & Marketing.”  To quote Jessica’s question posted HERE on LinkedIn . . .

“Do you have any examples of non-profits who have effectively used social networks to raise money, increase visibility, or spread the word on a cause?  This question will be utilized for content for PJA Advertising & Marketing’s weekly Internet radio show, This Week in Social Media.”

Does your nonprofit have success stories to tell?  Can you reply to Jessica Weil via LinkedIn?

If you think you do I recommend you be prepared with specific examples and all the quantifiable data you can gatherFor example:  For Acme’s Blizzard Clothing Drive (my own ficticious example), in 48-hours on Twitter we collected donations of $4,752 to buy warm clothes for the homeless impacted by the  ice age hitting Washington D.C. and the mid-Atlantic.  And we collected 273 winter coats; 98 sets of mittons or gloves; 153 winter hats; etc.

This is a great opportunity to get some media coverage for your nonprofit.  And I’m guessing it’s with minimal effort on your part.  Afterall, the “work” is already done because you have a success story to share.  Good luck!

Click here to contact Jessica Weil via LinkedIn

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