Whether writing to donors of your charity, members of your association, or any other supporter of your nonprofit … your marketing copy must be centered on the reader.  For simplicity in this post I’ll always refer to it as “donor-centric” copy.

Before getting into the “how” let’s briefly cover the “why”: It’s essential to be skilled at writing this type of copy because it yields higher response, larger gifts, increased loyalty and retention, more conversions, and so forth which all lead to more revenue for your nonprofit.  That’s enough for now on WHY.

Nonprofit marketing messages as a service

The path to follow

A perspective popped into my mind today on a path you might follow to help you write more donor-centric copy:  Marketing (which includes EVERY communication with your supporters) should be more of a service than a message.

In other words, as you write that fundraising direct mail letter, or email appeal, Tweet or Facebook update, or even as you create the video …

o  How are you serving your donors?

o  How does your message help the donor (i.e., your reader)? 

o  What service are you providing to your readers as they digest your content?

Ask yourself those questions.  I believe this shift in thinking will help you write more donor-centric copy. 

The frame of mind that puts you on the path to writing more donor-centric copy is this:  You’re not only serving the beneficiaries of your mission, but also those who support you.  Service.  Think of your copy as more of a service than a message. 

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