Study shows nonprofits – and the government – are using mobile in a wider variety of ways and with more creativity than commercial companies. 

That’s cool!

Jason R. Harris of Taptu (a mobile search engine that conducted the study) said, “These two groups are adopting the mobile touch Web for many purposes.”

Harris added, “We found them [nonprofits and government] eager to hop on the touch Web in order to get the word out, raise funds, and connect with…” people.

Nonprofit examples cited in the Taptu study include:

  • Mobile giving
  • Colleges and universities are creating virtual campuses. This promotes more student engagement. They also use it to improve pastoral care and mobile access to learning processes.
  • Health care organizations share info on medical issues and where to find care.

In fact, religious nonprofits were the most active of all.  They comprised 72.5% of the mobile touch web sites in the study.

How is your nonprofit using mobile?  Or do you still wonder if mobile will work for you and have no idea where to begin?

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